SDOTA is seeking a new Administrative Assistant. This is a perfect position for someone that wants to earn extra spending money. The applicant does not need to be an occupational therapist, students and non-therapists are encouraged to apply.

See the below list of duties:

    1. Checks email at least 1-2 times weekly.  Responds to messages within two business days of checking messages.
    2. Checks post office box and distributes mail at a minimum of 2 times per  month.
    3. Maintains databases. Updates practitioner database at least annually by referring to current South Dakota licensure  list compiled by the SD State Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners. 
    4. Submits bills on a timely basis to the Treasurer for payment.
    5. Maintains a current listing of fees (e.g., advertisements, exhibits, labels, and sponsorship at conferences).
    6. Coordinates advertisements. Includes invoice.
    7. Coordinates exhibitors and sponsors at SDOTA events. Provides invoice.
    8. Maintains and updates the SDOTA web site as directed by Supervisor
    9. Supports the work of committees for production of brochures and bulk mailings.Is available for meetings of committees  at the request of the committee chairs
    10. Attends the SDOTA Executive Board meetings (via conference call) as directed by Supervisor.
    11. Maintains official Association documents including:Certificate of Incorporation; Bylaws, Policies and Procedures; Membership and Executive Board meeting minutes; official correspondence; originals of      forms; and financial review reports
    12. Maintains inventory of SDOTA property.  Handles check-out of inventory items, promotional materials, and other resources to committees and general membership as needed. Contacts outgoing officer/committee chairperson to obtain inventory items related to that  position to have available for next officer/chairperson
    13. Attends Membership and Special meetings of the Association as directed by Supervisor.
    14. Informs supervisor when scheduled to be away from office for extended period of time.

Please apply by sending resume to or